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Meet Urban Black

Launched in 2018, Urban Black is a global destination that values the culture and embraces the slow together with subtle approach in handmade art.

A space of consciousness that allows the creative excellence in squeezing out the extraordinary of everyday onto a canvas.

We are a strong knit team of young individuals. Our founder Ms. Sonali, a passionate artist and aesthete teamed up with co-founder Mr. Rudra Prakash, a tech savy with a keen eye for detail.

Our seasoned gallery houses abstracts in ink & coffee art along with fluid art that can be customized & shaped as per your crave with no bargain on quality. We believe "Your vision, Our Design" merged with "Right piece at right price"

We collaborate with other expertise as well in order to mould our art for your needs from interior designers, architecture to art exhibitioner. We provide design you look forward to fill the void.

  • We cut out the middle man and pass the savings onto customers.

  • The raw materials we use are of quality & provides jobs for many.

  • A breakdown of the portion of our revenue goes to different charity for the right cause.

  • Provision of class art for our elite customers as per their specifications & needs.

  • Our art revives the rich Indian culture with an amalgamation of folk arts which acts as a feather in a cap to your life.

Feel free to reach out to us, we are here for you!

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