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Commission Based Work

The commission process is about collaborating with the artist to create a unique work of art that is tailored to your space. It is about being part of the creative process and creating something new that you will cherish for a lifetime. In this way, your space contains a part of you.


If you love an abstract painting in Urban Black's collection, but it has since been sold and it is no longer available for purchase, or you are looking for different elements to combine into one, then a commission works best. We appreciates the opportunity to work with people from all backgrounds and interests even designers. Considering the interiors and finding the best-suited Art being an Architect and Designer.


Our approach to producing an art commission is flexible and collaborative, providing the best quality indoors and outdoors. We are passionate about working closely with our clients to produce pieces of art bring to your vision, ideas, and interior to life.

The paintings are custom made as per consumer needs. It could be on high-quality canvas, stretched on premium quality wooden bars sealed with long life and UV rays protected layers. There is no size limit to the artwork. A selection of frames is available to choose from to compliment your work with necessary fittings attached for easy hanging.

Process Of The Commission Art

An initial discussion is held to outline the scope of work (Size, Style, framing, Color, Scheme, Additional Details, finish-matt or glossy, the details of which will be used to formulate a quote.

Location-dependent, we will show sample pieces of artwork and framing options either in person or by sharing videos and pictures via email. Once the details have been finalized, a summary will be sent and the work commences.

Throughout the process, photo and video updates are shared and client feedback is incorporated into the work meeting needs. Although the time frame can vary depending on other commissions and workload, the typical lead time for a commission piece is 2-4 weeks. Adding time, If there is more than one commission art. Artwork is currently shipped in India, Dubai & Sri Lanka, Which is securely packed, guaranteeing it is delivered safely to your door with a piece of mind.


A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be taken to secure your artwork. After the Commission is complete, the remaining 50% is requested upon dispatch.

If you are interested get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Commercial Work

This is to create art that not only complimented the high level of quality in the lobby but to also stand on its own merit and promote the feeling of aspirational movement and emotional reassurance.

Image by Sina Katirachi

Private Work

Any specific requirements you got in mind? Want to convey the same to the world through your art piece? Get in touch with us, We'll recreate the "Your Vision with Our Design"

Did You Know?

We will paint for you no matter where you live in the world.
If you like our work but have something specific in mind then get in touch.
It’s a lot of fun and there’s NO FINANCIAL commitment up front.

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